Enter the Era of Prevention

We build AI-powered technologies that connect care professionals and families with the knowledge they need to keep vulnerable people healthy, independent, and safe.

We are changing the lives of millions of people giving and receiving care in the post pandemic era of connected care.

One platform, many features that can be dialled up or down according to your changing needs.

body temperature


daily living activities

unusual behaviour

incident review



Our privacy-first connected-care platform is the key to targeted response and future prevention in care settings. It reveals not just when, but how and why falls, exacerbations and other incidents are happening, without requiring any service user engagement.

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digital fitness support

for those who need it most


It’s not easy to stay fit as we age or become frail. FitBees combines Tendertec’s platform and wearable technologies to create motivational encouragement and social connections that support physical activities.

FitBees is being co-designed to create a solution that empowers more people with personalised data-driven support and connections.

Built with machine learning and thermal sensing, our products remote-monitor body temperature, daily living activities, regular movements or sleep patterns and notify of unusual behaviours that might indicate a need to adapt support plans. 

We can detect falls or near falls, with the ability to reconstruct the moments leading-up to an incident to assist treatment and prevention plans. 

People are living longer, but often with chronic conditions that require ongoing care and attention for many years. Despite the best of intentions, family members or care professionals do not always have the time or funds to support every person with 24/7 personalised plans. 

Digital technology is changing this, and is transforming health and social care for the better.

We are creating value across the care chain and are moving circles of care from limited reactions to person-centred preventice care.

Solutions for

Connecting circles of care
delivering person-center and preventive care

Care Providers

Monitor and evidence outcomes to tap into discharge-to-assess pathways.

Help staff identify where and how their time is needed & move from prescribed reaction to personalised prevention.

Tech Providers

Integrate with Tendertec's ecosystem to expand the use cases and benefits of your solutions.

Enter the era of preventive & person-centred care with holistic offerings fit for outcomes-based models of care.

Front Line Staff

Capture and review reported and missed incidents.

Unveil the story behind alerts, gain insights into daily routines & spot early trends so that you can take immediate action to minimise risks.

Family & Friends

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you will never miss a thing at your loved one's home, wherever you are.

Connect and coordinate with your circle of care to ensure your loved ones receive better care.

Local Authorities NHS

Work with us to improve people's lives in any care setting.

Access deeper care and health insights supporting the prevention of hospital admissions, early discharge and the delivery of new models of care.

It enables us to ensure we respond to each fall even better and help prevent many falls which might otherwise occur.
- Geoff B., Holmer Manor Care Home
Now, I can understand which alarms are triggered and what my father was trying to do that caused his fall.
- Charles C., Family member
This has real potential for people with learning disabilities. We can provide more targeted, efficient & meaningful support.
- Emma N., Hft Personalised Tech Manager

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Tendertec Secures Investment to Launch AI Care Assistant Unlocking Healthy Ageing

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