Our integrated machine learning platform captures, reconstructs and shares incidents and living activities to provide 24/7 reassurance.

Built on thermal sensing data and integrating 3rd party health & activity data sources, Hestia monitors remotely a growing list of behaviours.

Always on for you to rely on

When you can’t be with someone all the time, knowing that they are moving and resting as usual is a reassuring indicator of daily health and mobility.

Being able to monitor deterioration helps put preventative measures in place or add levels of support to maintain independence.

And in the event of falls or unexpected incidents, knowing that alerts will be raised immediately is a significant factor in swift and successful assistance. 

Protecting User Privacy

The heat data take the form of temperature measurements organised in a matrix. Using Tendertec’s machine learning algorithms, the heat data are translated into care insights that support prevention.

Hestia Sensor

Hestia sensors are our state of the art wall-mounted sensors. It captures heat sensing data and sends it to Hestia at home or in care settings. It records temperature, daily movements, rest patterns, and will capture falls. 

The resolution of our heat  sensors is carefully calibrated to ensure that privacy is preserved and respected. Short visual reconstructions are triggered by incidents alerts and only made available to verified carers or family members registered on Hestia. 



Tendertec Setup Step 1

Self install sensor to wall


Tendertec Setup Step 2

Connect to a standard power socket


Tendertec Setup Step 3

Download Hestia and configure devices


Tendertec Setup Step 4

Receive alerts and activity indicators

Hestia App

When combined with our Hestia sensor, carers or family members can reconstruct and verify incidents such as falls to understand when and how they happened. False alarms can be eliminated, and the insights can prevent future incidents.

The Hestia app monitors body temperature trends and daily living activities to add context to the incidents captured. It can also be connected to other digital devices such as scales, blood pressure monitors, fitness trackers and more. 

What happened & How?

> Reconstruct incidents to understand how to prevent them

What happened after & what’s the response?

> Connect and coordinate with circle of care 

> Review response times

What preceded an incident ?

> Signs of fever or hypothermia?

> Service user mobile or sedentary?

> Signs of sleep problems?

Is there a Pattern & can we prevent it?

> Are there issues not disclosed or previously aware?

> Change care processes or room layout?

> Learn to identify early symptoms of exacerbation

One platform, many features that can be dialled up or down according to your changing needs.

body temperature


daily living activities

unusual behaviour

incident reconstruction



Hestia Desktop

Our multi-user dashboard designed for care service and care home providers that monitor and manage communities of people with support needs. 


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