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Tendertec Wins Disruptive Product prize

Tendertec Wins the Disruptive Product prize

Tendertec Wins the Disruptive Product prize at GE Healthcare & EITHealth’s Health Venture Demo Day in Hungary. 

The Health Venture Lab is an an exemplary partnership that has been established showcasing how industrial and academic players as well as investors can work together to create a sustainable and productive startup ecosystem in the European region. The community of many partners which has GE Healthcare and EIT Health in the driver seat, ensures the support in resources and expertise to make Health Venture Lab a unique Accelerator. Experienced coaches help bring out the best in the teams in a healthcare innovation pitch competition, Demo Day organized by Health VentureLab in Hungary.  

 During Demo Day, Tendertec won the Disruptive Product prize for its personalized safety and monitoring system for elderly people. The Wales-based company uses AI to automatically and in real-time alert caregivers in an emergency, empowering them to make data-driven decisions that improve senior care and enhance the quality of seniors’ lives. 

“The biggest contribution of the Health VentureLab program to Tendertec has been through the amazing mentors we worked with. After a matchmaking process that ensured the participating companies found the best fit, we were able to choose mentors that helped us advance on multiple levels – mindset, business and product development and strategy are some of the critical areas we were able to make headway in just four months – a true acceleration process in practice,” says Dr. Afroditi Maria Konidari and Rui Zhang, Founders of Tendertec. 

 “EIT Health, as the largest healthcare initiative in Europe, can make a difference in creating a vibrant and competitive startup ecosystem through its worldwide partnerships in healthcare,” says Kurt Höller, director of business creation at EIT Health. 

“I am always on the lookout for fresh new talent and ideas to keep our business ahead of the curve,” says Attila Ferik, senior director of software engineering at GE Healthcare. “I am glad we have the opportunity to welcome innovative teams from all around Europe and introduce them to our industry.” 

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