First Care Assistant for the Care 4.0 Era

Designed to keep circles of care person-centred, integrated and safe



Personalised Care Assistant opening the door to Care 4.0 through powerful AI & Data Science.

Health and social care is very much a people-to-people service but how do you go about providing personalised and preventative quality care to more vulnerable people using the same resources?

Whether you are a family member or professional carer, you want to make sure that small things don’t go unnoticed and that those you support can remain independent for longer and their quality of life is enriched. Wherever people live and whatever their condition, continuous assistance and insights can offer opportunities for a better life for care receivers and givers alike. 

CareBox is a safety and remote monitoring platform designed to act as a personalised assistant to caregivers. It enables the delivery of person-centred care and safeguards vulnerable people and frontline workers in health and social care.

Offering an array of features, CareBox operates as an integration hub opening the door to Care 4.0 – an ecosystem of personalised, integrated and sustainable health and social care services supporting vulnerable people and their circles of care.


CareBox Empower Care Givers & Recipients

Our Care Assistant enables cicles of care to provide more personalised, preventative and responsive services in clicks. Effortless, intuitive, and designed with Care Givers & Recipients in mind

Keep Care Givers and Recipients Safe  
Perform 24/7 temperature monitoring to alert when a resident, caregiver or visitor presents abnormal temperature.

Fall Detection & Prevention
Receive fall alerts, reconstruct and verify any fall incident remotely to understand when and how it happened, eliminate false alarms and prevent future falls.

Go Beyond Rudimental Inactivity Reports 
Monitor daily living and night activities remotely and receive early warnings about changes in temperature, behaviour and balance patterns.

Stay More Responsive to Individual Care Needs
Access personalised intelligence that can help you maintain Meaningful Engagement and Interactions, complete comprehensive assessments and personalise care plans effortlessly.

Get the Right Information to the Right People
Designed to facilitate coordination and communication among smaller and larger circles of care. Manage data flows and permissions over a single or multiple sites.

Security and Integration
Support Meaningful Engagement and Interactions.

Fit Anywhere and Scale Easily
Small-sized discreet sensors fitted and scaled easily in any setting from private homes, to extra care accommodation, care or nursing homes and hospital wards.

Setup is Simple


Tendertec Setup Step 1
Install Sensor to wall using supplied tack.


Tendertec Setup Step 2

Connect to power


Tendertec Setup Step 3

Download CareBox app and configure devices


Tendertec Setup Step 4

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